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R erroneously believes that it’ s supposed to use / usr/ bin/ gnutar` but that’ s wrong on OS X 10. txt contains list of files to archive. I want to find decrtiption about tar exit code 5. Example 1: > tar cvf / dev/ rmt/ 0mn ` cat files. Pursuant to California Code of Regulations, Title 22, Section 51014. 2, if the recipient wishes to continue receiving the services requested on the TAR, the recipient must request the fair hearing within 10 days from the date of the NOA for denial or reduction or prior to the expiration of the previous TAR that was approved for the same services. 2> tar_ base: : V_ vTarMsgW: INF - TAR EXITING WITH STATUS = 5 The bptm log on the media server will show the errors. < 2> io_ init: using 131072 data buffer size. Stay ahead of the game with Aruba technology and product knowledge. an exit code of 2 apparently means " non- fatal error". At least in AIX4. 2, it doesn' t look like it could exit with 2 w/ o giving an error: there' s always an error.

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    In computing, tar is a computer software utility for collecting many files into one archive file, often referred to as a tarball, for distribution or backup purposes. The name is derived from ( t) ape ( ar) chive, as it was originally developed to write data to sequential I/ O devices with no file system of their own. Join GitHub today. GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Tar exit code non- zero. When I try to run this command I get the error: tar: / run/ : file is on a different filesystem; not dumped This results in an exit code of 1. GNU gzip home page, where you can find the latest gzip source code, documentation, and development information gzip documentation ( from that home page), if you came here with questions about how to use gzip, this is the link for you. Build failed: The command ‘ / bin/ sh - c ( tar xzf *. gz > / dev/ null) ’ returned a non- zero code: 2 Then when I look at the logs I get loads of these. Directory renamed before its status could be extracted.

    Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. I don' t know tar' s source, but I went and looked, and > an exit code of 2 apparently means " non- fatal error". > At least in AIX4. 2, it doesn' t look like it could exit. The example command above written in the short- option style could look like: tar - cvf a. tar / etc or tar - c - v - f a. tar / etc In GNU or long- option style, each option begins with two dashes and has a meaningful name, consisting of lower- case letters and dashes. When used, the long option can be abbreviated to its initial letters, provided that. I have a backup script that backs up home directories and / etc. I have got the script to exit if the ' tar' command returns a nonzero code. At random it seems to return a code of 2, but it seems to back up all files.

    Linux Tar Error Code 2 Take the 2- minute tour × tar xf file. tar pbzip2: producer_ decompress: * ERROR: when reading bzip2 The command tar xjvf will not give you that. Note: The ustar header format allows unlimited ( 2^ file sizes. ; The tar command does not preserve the sparse nature of any file that is sparsely allocated. Any file that was originally sparse before the restoration will have all space allocated within the filesystem for the size of the file. If tar has invoked a subprocess and that subprocess exited with a nonzero exit code, tar exits with that code as well. This can happen, for example, if tar was given some compression option ( see section Creating and Reading Compressed Archives ) and the external compressor program failed. For UNIX systems, return code 2 is " No such file or directory" or " File not found", depending on the OS. This information is found in the / usr/ include/ errno. h on most UNIX systems ( or wherever your version of UNIX stores the programming include files). 9 Database 9i Two tier config Database on one server Apps on another server Database in no archive mode, so when I make tar/ gunzip, I will shutdown Database and then make tar/. yes, I want to migrate oracle vg ( including filesystems) from internal disk to SAN disk, for that reason I used tar to make a tar file of all the filesystems in oraclevg and then untar them on SAN Disk, however, due to error/ bad sector in one of the oracle main files which is applsysd02. dbf, after untar ( unzip) it doesn' t work because the tar. That' s really, really close to the largest file you can have that uses 32- bit offsets: $ echo ' 2^ ' | bc - l $ I would say it' s highly likely you' re running into that issue. What does " file" say?

    [ code] file jedroid_ v1. Stack Exchange Network. Stack Exchange network consists of 174 Q& A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Button to show slide 1 Button to show slide 2 Button to show slide 3 Button to show slide 4 The Real Estate Market in Texas is Complex. You Need a Texas REALTOR® to Help you Achieve your Goals. The TAR and Non- Benefit List: Codes– 99999) contains CPT- 4 codes and descriptions with numbers indicating benefit restrictions. Any code in the CPT- 4 book currently valid for Medi- Cal but not on the TAR and Non- Benefit List is a Medi- Cal benefit without the listed restrictions. I am tasked to explain the variation of gpg errors that happened in one of my batch script. Currently when I perform gpg decrypt for a specified file it returns 2. Obviously there is something wrong between dpkg- deb ( a program, which is part of the debian package management used by apt- get) and tar ( which is packing/ unpacking files from/ into single archives). Now the dpkg- deb is calling tar with an unsopported option, so somehow there is a version mismatch between those programs. I' m not sure what you mean.

    If you run tar inside $ ( ) like in your original code, you are capturing its output. So, comparing that output to 0 is also not likely to do what you want. What does tar exit code 2 mean I have got the script to exit if the ' tar' command returns a nonzero code. Unfortunately, when tar tries to unpack some of the files, it is told ( by the operating system) that there is " No space left on device" ( this usually means what it is supposed to mean — the filesystem tar is unpacking to is full). Have you tried Searching this site? Support Rates This is a Unix/ Linux resource website. It contains technical articles about Unix, Linux and general computing related subjects, opinion, news, help files, how- to' s, tutorials and more. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Tar now issues the following diagnostic message: This does not look like a tar archive, and exits with code 2. Fix double- dot recognition in archive member names in case of duplicate /. Fix file padding in case of truncation of the input file to zero size. bzip2 is a free and open- source file compression program that uses the Burrows– Wheeler algorithm.