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GitHub is home to over 28 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. ios中使用https请求. 由于苹果规定年1月1日以后, 所有app都要使用https进行网络请求, 否则无法上架, 因此研究了一下在ios中使用https请求的实现。. Ios Error Domain= nsurlerrordomain Code= : 03: 07. 191 AppName( 9301: Error updating user journey. Error: Error Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1012. Foundation Constants Reference NSError codes in the Cocoa error domain. enum { NSFileNoSuchFileError = 4, NSFileLockingError = 255, NSFileReadUnknownError = 256. AFNetworkingNSURLErrorDomainerror- 1012转载 昨天App上传文件发起PUT和POST请求都随机会出现报- 1012错误, 具体错误信息: [ code] ErrorDomain. After reading through the AFNetworking code & and checking the change logs, here' s what I had to do to get this working. Create your AFSecurityPolicy object with AFSSLPinningModeCertificate:. 11 😄 2 cloud- hot commented Nov 20,, Thanks! CommunitiesiPhoneiPhone in Business and Education Please enter a title.

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    问题描述: ErrorErrorDomain= NSURLErrorDomainCode= - 1012. Nsurlerrordomain Error 1012 Xcode Hi, Seems like Unity 5 has a bug resulting in an NSURLErrorDomain error when trying to call This is the XCODE console output for a. Nsurlerrordomain Error 1012 Xcode Svn ( NSURLErrorDomain error - 1001. ) " But same code works from Xcode 5. Random Error NSURLErrorDomain error - 1005 # 2358. ios, objective- c, xcode, afnetworking, afnetworking- 2 Since you are using post request, here' s what you can do with AFHTTPSessionManager. You can also call AFHTTPSessionManager Get method with block invocation. AFNetworking reachability manager for domain - always reachable despite captive portal. ios, afnetworking, afnetworking- 2, reachability, captivenetwork. Unfortunately reachability just checks to see if a particular host or dns name responds. Serving Remote User ( the Local Exchange Carrier. Real network devices commonly used with qdiscs should only return 81 * the driver 262 const void * saddr, unsigned int len), 263 int ( * parse) ( const struct. NSError is the unsung hero of the Foundation framework. Passed gallantly in and out of perilous method calls, it is the messenger by which we are able to. It sounds like you' re crashing nsurlsessiond, the daemon responsible for handling NSURLSession background sessions.

    This is obviously not good, and also indicative of a bug in nsurlessiond because app code isn' t supposed to be able to cause it to fail like this. Nsurlerrordomain Error Similar Codes List I' m only trying to download a list of the pictures and print them out to the console, but I' m error: Error Domain. 0 源码阅读- HTTPS认证- AFSecurityPolicy. 本想在这篇文章中单独写AFNetworking 3. 0中AFSecurityPolicy的源码阅读笔记的。. 因为我们的App采用的是https请求, 很明显这个错误和ssl相关, google了- 1012错误可查阅的资料很少, 不过还是从stackoverflow找到了蛛丝马迹。 工程第三方包. Mysterious double free. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Afnetworking Error Codes List The error. code is not the HTTP status code, it is NSError that AFNetworking creates due to serializer error. How AFNetworking creates. iOS Twitter NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1012 up vote 8 down vote favorite I am trying to get the user' s contact details by singning up with twitter in my app. I found this project on github which seems really good.

    Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 999 " cancelled" and while in sharevideo file I have written this code on share button tap event:. Below is the example code from the AFNetworking page: Error: Error. Como señaló Jack Cox, el TLS de Parse no está a la altura del tabaco. Pero solo necesita agregar una exception para el dominio api. com, y la exception solo necesita aceptar los encryptions less seguros. My code heavily relies on this version, so I' m not going to update to 3. I tried adding only the server certificate, tried the three of them, using AFSSLPinningModeCertificate or AFSSLPinningModePublicKey, and none works. Error Domain= com. error Code= - 1011 I have application which works fine on Xcode6- Beta1 and Xcode6- Beta2 on Restarting the simulator fixed the issue. 在发起一个网络请求时, 出现错误 nw_ proxy_ resolver_ create_ parsed_ array PAC evaluation error: NSURLErrorDomain: - 1004 这主要是在Mac系统中设置了网络自动代理而导致 解决方案: 系统偏好设置 → 网络 → 高级 → 代理 → 取消自动代理配置.

    Home > nsurlerrordomain error > uiwebview error code 999 Uiwebview Error Code 999. here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions. NSError codes in the Cocoa error domain. enum { NSFileNoSuchFileError = 4, NSFileLockingError = 255, NSFileReadUnknownError = 256, NSFileReadNoPermissionError = 257. Hello, I' m trying to make a pinning SSL with AFNetworking 2. 4 ( with a Comodo Certificate) but when i set securityPolicy. validatesCertificateChain = true don´ t work. Talking about the symptoms of the error code 1004 – an error code just pops up After that, switch back to App Store, click on the big Mavericks Banner and it. Error Domain= nsurlerrordomain Code= : 03: 07. CocoaChina前身是全球成立最早规模最大的苹果开发中文站, 现致力为所有移动开发者提供资讯服务、 问答服务、 代码下载、 工具库及人才招聘服务。. 因为我们的App采用的是https请求, 很明显这个错误和ssl相关, google了- 1012错误可查阅的资料很少, 不过还是从stackoverflow找到了蛛丝马迹。 工程第三方包是用cocoapod管理, AFNetworking也是用pod install进来的, 使AFNetworking支持https, 参照.

    使用Xcode5 SVN 出现问题 The operation couldn’ t be completed. ( NSURLErrorDomainNSURLErrorDomain. Error: Error Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1012 " The operation couldn' t be completed. ( NSURLErrorDomain error - 1012. ) " UserInfo= 0x7fc3b582c4c0. How to cope with too slow Wi- Fi at hotel? I thought it was fluke, but good to know it just isn' t me. – jdog Nov 6 ' 14 at 6: 11 What is that – how its working? – Hemang Jun 13 SQL Variable takes longer to return than static value Will credit card payment from abroad be suspicious as taxable income? I am trying to perform a HTTP Get request, but I keep on getting Error Domain= NSURLErrorDomain Code= - 1012 error. MY code is : { NSString * url = [ [ NSString alloc. 4 AnswersAccepted- - - Accepted- - - Accepted- - - There was no issue in the code.

    I guess the simulator internally was not able to connect to the internet, so that is why it was not able to connect to the server after providing various timeout intervals.